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A Story from G.C Puffs-Cellar Reserve

In thought with a Gurkha Cellar Reserve I have been writing a book lately and there are times I am finding that you have to sit back and put yourself in the characters shoes and figure out the next direction he takes in life. I decided to go out to the deck with my laptop and enjoy the great weather while I write. I took with me a Gurkha Cellar Reserve.

I have not smoked many Gurkha cigars but this one is stunning to look at. I really like the wine label band on this cigar as it stands out from so many others. The wrapper is a nice even medium brown with a great oily sheen to it and the pig tail cap is one of the best I have seen. The pre light aroma along the cigar gave hints of hard wood and sweet spice. Once prepared to smoke, it lit very easily and with little effort, producing ample smoke with hardwood being the most prevalent flavor with spice right behind it. Around a quarter inch in, and the hardwood and spice mix is met with rich earth. Even this early in the cigar the strength was hitting around the medium range which means there is the possibility of ramping up as time goes on.

Taking a long draw on the cigar, I read what was written on the screen of my laptop. My character, it would seem, was facing trials in his life. Thinking about his next step, the thought came that we all face trials of one sort or another in life, and what sets us apart is how we deal with them. Everyone’s method is as varied as there are wines in the world, and even in each method there are varieties in that. A friend of mine once had major trouble in his life, family related, and it drove him to seek help in the form of a counselor and prescriptions from him. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is wrong, because it has its place and for some people it is a necessary thing. But wouldn’t it be a wiser choice in some situations to take time to set aside ones emotions and logically think out a solution to what ever is wrong in ones life? As I continued to contemplate this I was nearing the middle of my cigar, which now had proven to have a great complexity and providing very ample flavors.

The mid point was giving a luscious combination of hard wood, much akin to smoky oak, with rich earth and spice still very evident but with the addition of a flavor that was reminiscent of home made cookies my mother use to make with a touch of vanilla in them. The smoke was wafting gently from the cigar and the aroma carried hints of roasted nuts and wood in the fine tobacco essence. To this point the cigar is a grand smoke that could cause one to forget the things of thought and work and be carried to a place of tranquility. Looking back at the screen on my laptop, I began to type the next few paragraphs of the plight for the main character, not fully grasping yet were this would take him. None of us know what’s around the corner in our lives, we just have to face it as it happens and have faith in God that all will work out. There is one fact, however, that holds true for all of us, and that is that we can do nothing about one day or one minute that has past, but we can do much about tomorrow.

Some people plan greatly for tomorrow but the reality is that you can plan all you want but it does not mean it will necessarily happen. Life itself is a leap of faith; it’s not to cower in but to be lived. Yes, we all get into times of life when we wonder what’s next, deal with regrets and the “what if’s” or the “I should have’s”. But why deal with those things when the day is at hand and today is the present. While in my over thinking attitude, I had reached the end of this amazing cigar, which now is giving supplying a palate indulging wave of tantalizing flavors of which are still the smoky oak, earth and cookies, with spice now coming through more at the end and the flavor mix being some what bolder and strength now more full.

To my taste, this is not a power packed stick but just into the full range. Closing my laptop, I gave up for today as the flavors of this fantastic cigar are meant for sheer relaxation. The Gurkha Cellar Reserve is one great cigar that I most assuredly will be smoking more of.

Last modified on April 15, 2015
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