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When it comes to cigar lines I don’t think anyone comes close with Gurkha Cigars. They have more cigars lines out than I can name, and each one of them attracts a certain cigar smoker. Whether you prefer full bodied cigars or mild cigars, they have at least three options for you, and each of those options will be very different as well.

They approach cigars in the sense that they will purchase tobacco that is very limited in quantity, and work on making a blend that will be available for a short time. I have enjoyed many of Gurkha’s brands throughout the years, some are still in production, and others not, but each and every one of them was unique and special. Just recently I was blessed with a wonderful present from Gurkha, and it could not have come at a better time given the Holiday Season. Inside I received two of their newest releases, the Royal Challenge and Seduction, a gorgeous ashtray, and a lovely hat. It is my second hat of theirs, and this one will have to lie underneath the one signed by Kaizad Hansotia that I have. Mr. Hansotia is the President of Gurkha Cigars, and an incredibly interesting man. I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times, and in fact did my Senior Business project on Gurkha Cigars, focusing on that unique company.

While most cigar companies tend to make cigars lines for a long period of time Gurkha goes down a different road. The company uses very high quality and rare tobacco to produce elegant and limited edition cigars. They use tobacco most people would not use because of the limited quantities, and that gives them a unique aspect. Most of the tobacco has been aging for years, and is also more expensive. They make a product that is limited but composed of materials that are nothing but great. When it comes to Gurkha Cigars if you find a cigar you love, you better buy a lot of them, because they might not be around in years to come. Anyways, both cigars have been very enjoyable, and today I am reviewing the Royal Challenge.

As I recently said, the Royal Challenge line is one of the newest lines by Gurkha, and everything about it is amazing. The presentation is amazing, and the cigar itself is gorgeous. I am not sure where they name originates from, but everything about this cigar is royal. The cigar features a gorgeous Connecicut shade wrapper from Ecuador that has been aged, and I really loved Connecicut Shade cigars by Gurkha. I think they do a great job in making a cigar that is incredibly flavorful and smooth with that wrapper, and it is hard to beat them in that playing field. Underneath the aged and gorgeous wrapper is a Honduran binder, and then a filler composed of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. The Robusto is your standard size Robusto, and measures 5″ with a 50 ring gauge.

The cigar is gorgeous in hand, with amazing bands, and has a lovely wrapper. It has a beautiful golden brown color to it, and I would say it is between Claro and Natural in coloring. It is very silky and smooth touch, and has veins present throughout. The cigar wrapper and foot has aromas of cedar, coffee, spice and floral notes, and this is going to be a great first cigar of the day. As I toast the foot I begin to get the wonderful aroma of the cigar, and once I start smoking it is very pleasant. In the first third I get a wonderful amount of flavors, and they range from cedar and mineral notes to a lovely floral aspect paired with creamy characteristics. It is slightly above mild in terms of strength, and very enjoyable with a cappuccino. The burn line on the cigar is great, and it is leaving a wonderful ash that is light gray in color. I am able to blow great smoke rings with the cigar, and so far it is a Gurkha Connecicut Shade cigar that I love!

When I get into the second the flavor profiles become slightly more complex with a soft pepper flavor and nutty notes now present, and still very smooth. It has got those typical cedar and cream notes you get with the wrapper, but the coffee and milk flavors really check the pepper notes. It finishes with lovely floral notes that are slightly salty and leathery, and leave a long finish. The cigar is still slightly above mild in terms of strength, and the burn line is beautiful against the golden wrapper. The burn line was slightly wavy in this third, but nothing major and it corrects itself shortly. I am still getting a wonderful amount of aromatic smoke, and I look down to see that I am entering the final third.

As I come to a close of this cigar, the final third really is wonderful. I am begging to get some honey notes towards the end, and it is paired wonderfully with the nutty notes from the second third, and the cream notes throughout. The cedar and leather flavors are really playing off one another, and the cigar finishes with the wonderful floral notes that I have gotten the whole way through. I smoke the cigar down to the nub and it remains cool and mild bodied to the end. The burn line was perfect throughout this third, and the cigar leaves a very soft and pleasant aftertaste that makes you want to enjoy another one of these cigars afterwards.

Everything about this cigar was great. The cigar itself was wonderful, and showed pleasant, complex and relaxing flavors from beginning to end. It was mild enough to be smoked in the morning by myself, and I am sure others would as well. I typically smoke cigars fuller in body, and found this cigar so flavorful and complex that it could go head to head with a more powerful and pronounced cigar. I could smoke this cigar anytime of day and enjoy it, and that is what makes it great. The packaging on this cigar was first in class, I always expect that with Gurkha, but I found the packaing on the interior to be so great I had to take a photo of it. You really can’t go wrong with this cigar, and I find it to be a perfect cigar to share with any cigar smoker because it is mild enough for those who prefer that, and flavorful enough to keep anyone entertained. That should be called Seth’s Tips!

Seth’s Tip #1: If you are looking for a cigar to share with smokers of all levels, beginning and experience, bring a Royal Challenge by Gurkha!

I don’t think I will continue with Seth’s Tips however, a little too lame. Anyways, a great cigar and worthy of 92 points! Fabulous job Gurkha!

Last modified on April 15, 2015
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