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A pot and a Gurkha Ninja

I did something this weekend that I have not had a chance to do in some time; I got together with my sister to do some cooking. She is ten years older than I am and we get along fantastically and are very close. When I told my wife that she was coming over to cook, my wife replied simply that she will call ahead for a cleaning crew, she knows us well.

Before getting out all the pots and pans we would need I went to one of my humidors and selected a Gurkha Ninja to enjoy during the grand event. Wonderfully dark brown maduro wrapper cloaks an attractive cigar carrying a nice oily sheen to it with a pre light aroma of mild spice and earth with a tad bit of cocoa. Using my Xikar to clip the cap, I set my torch to work lighting up. Initial flavors of pepper mixed with a pine woodiness but after about half, an inch in the flavors shifted to more of a hard wood with hints of mild cocoa and earth. As I began my cigar my sister was driving up so going outside, I help unload a couple grocery bags from her car. We decided for today that we would make sausage gumbo, okra and tomato casserole, and fried eggplant. Talking never stops during these cooking sessions and that day was no different. What is funny is when my sister and I spend time together our accents seem to come back and my wife just shakes her head.

It always starts with us standing in the kitchen chopping onions, bell peppers and celery and fixing a pot of Community coffee and chicory. Standing there chopping away the conversation starts with events of the week and things going on in our lives. As my sister started making a roux as I got eggs, buttermilk and flour ready for the eggplants. With this spoon and pot-stirring circus going on, I had reached the middle of my cigar that my sister stated she liked the aroma of. The cigar morphed at this point, with the strength of the cigar ramping up to full and the flavors of the wood had moved to the background as dark loam earth and leather began to blossom, but with hints of bittersweet chocolate. This had gone from a medium body cigar with wood and spice based flavors to a full-bodied smoke based with leather and dark loam earth. Nice switch up. Things were bubbling and frying as my sister put the okra and tomato casserole in the oven.

I stopped her before she closed the oven door and handed her a can of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs. It’s amazing how little things can bring memories up, as she looked at the can and said that our mother would have been upset if she forgot to cover the dish is these. With everything getting ready, we sat at the kitchen table with coffee as my wife joined us. Times like that are special and to be treasured because your sharing with each other in the bonds of family. My sister got up from the table to go stir one pot as my wife went to make a fresh pot of coffee, as they did so I was finishing my cigar.

The end brought more of the leather and dark loam earth with hints of mild syrup sweetness and pepper once again coming up. The Gurkha Ninja is a good smoking cigar and if you are a Gurkha fan, you will want to add this one and if you have never tried Gurkha give the Ninja ago and see what you taste.


Last modified on April 15, 2015
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