Life of Luxury website featured Gurkha cigars in their Cigars & Spirits category 11/24/10

17 January 2011
Gurkha is widely known as one of the best cigars in the world. Many cigar lovers strongly believe Gurkha cigars are truly the best in the world. Similar to fine wine, the premier cigars are a result of utilizing the best tobacco and proper aging. The tobacco aging process can last from five to ten years, but is critical to the excellent taste of all Gurkha cigars.

The Bachelor Guy Blog- Your Ultimate Guide to Gifting with Liquor features Gurkha Grand Reserve 12/11/10

16 January 2011
This isn’t a spirit either, so why the inclusion here? Because the Grand Reserve luxury cigar, besides being a great way to end a holiday meal with everyone on your gift giving list, and besides being the perfect compliment no matter your after-dinner drink of choice, it is also infused with the finest cognac. A cigar that has spirits inside definitely qualifies it for this list. Think of it as a smoke-able bottle.

Livin Large with Geoff Pinkus

30 March 2010
Please be sure to check out the Livin’ Large with Geoff Pinkus show. We are regular guests and are currently in the works of making Geoff Pinkus a private label called the ‘PINKER’.

AMMO Magazine- For Him: Gurkha Cigars for Valentine’s Day

11 February 2010
There’s nothing like the feeling a man gets while smoking a smooth cigar. So why not give him this perfect gift; I’m sure coming from you it will blow his mind. Gurkha Cigars have two of the best selections to give your man; or even purchase for yourself.
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